Only life-changing punishment will deter the next insurrection

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Over a thousand terroristic insurrectionists stormed the Capitol a year ago today.

Across the country, over a thousand public figures and elected officials charged with upholding the national interest and defending the Constitution were involved in seeking to undermine both.

This they did by participating in the insurrection, spreading lies…

When you kill the idea of the public good, private pain will be your reward

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

I’m going to assume that this isn’t what they meant when they spoke of American exceptionalism.

Nonetheless, here we are.

  • America is exceptionally bad at responding to a public health emergency.
  • America is exceptionally filled with conspiratorial, uninformed, science-allergic know-nothings who would rather die or watch their loved ones do…

An only slightly sarcastic call for breaking up with rural and small-town folks

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As a progressive Southerner, I’ve always seen secession as a cause meant for racist losers.

Because, historically, that’s what it’s been: good ol’ boys riding around with Confederate flag bumper stickers that say things like, “The South Will Rise Again.”

Or, “If I’d known this, I would have picked my…

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-QAnon/CrossFit) is lying about white folks being denied COVID treatment. The reason is terrifying.

Image: caricature of Marjorie Taylor Greene, DonkeyHotey, Flickr, Creative Commons license 2.0

Stop calling it a culture war. That’s not what this is.

And nothing about it is civil, either.

This is a race war, at least in the minds of MAGA nation.

How else can we understand the recent statement by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Cracker Barrel) that only people with…

Defensiveness and debate tactics won’t get it done — it’s time to fight fire with fire

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You can always tell who the liberals are in a political battle.

They’ll be the ones responding defensively or seeking to counter the other side with facts and data as if life were a debate, the winner of which is the one with the best evidence.

Because for some reason…

It’s not just anti-racist curriculum the right opposes — it’s education itself

Image: Olya Humeniuk, Shutterstock, standard license, purchased by author

The modern Republican Party hates education.

A bold statement, I know, but it’s becoming more evident all the time.

Oh sure, they oppose Critical Race Theory and all forms of anti-racist curriculum, comprehensive sex education, and the Common Core standards proposed during the Obama Administration.

But I’m not talking about…

Comparing themselves to civil rights leaders proves we need a vaccine for historical ignorance

No girl, no. They’re in Austria, so at least not all idiots are American. (Small victory). Image: Ivan Radic, Flickr, Creative Commons license

Forget Critical Race Theory for a minute — at this point, I’d settle for halfway decent history education and maybe a few required classes in basic logic.

Seriously, sometimes you have to start at the beginning, with that whole “learning to walk before you can run” thing.

Here are some…

Sloppy social science and the mental gymnastics of racism deniers

Image: Johnny Silvercloud, Shutterstock, standard license, purchased by author

Some people will say anything to deny the problem of racism in policing.

These are people who would have found ways to defend Bull Connor in Birmingham too, or Jim Clark and his goons in Selma six decades ago.

One thing about their denials has changed though — they’ve become…

Never rely on Reddit or your Facebook friends for your understanding of the First Amendment

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Free speech doesn’t mean consequence-free speech.

Please write that down, will ya?

Like, maybe on your hand, on a Post-it-Note, on your Facebook wall, your Instagram bio, or perhaps a lovely forehead or neck tattoo? Just write it down somewhere.


Because it’s something about which a lot of y’all…

Tim Wise

Anti-racism educator and author of 9 books, including White Like Me and, most recently, Dispatches from the Race War (City Lights, December 2020)

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