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  • Evangeline Lawson

    Evangeline Lawson

    Evangeline Lawson is a writer whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Guardian, V-Day and The Progressive. Read even more at

  • Laura M. Quainoo

    Laura M. Quainoo

    I write about race, CHOSSA (Children of Stolen & Sold Africans…ie Black people), embracing Africa as our ancestral homeland & other stuff as my Spirit moves me.

  • Andre Henry

    Andre Henry

    Singer-songwriter & producer fighting for the world that ought to be.

  • Petiri Ira

    Petiri Ira

    WEOC Member, Bylines in Momentum, Cultured, AnInJustice, Equality Includes You, The Pink, AfroSapiophile and Age of Awareness. Contact:

  • Jill Nagle

    Jill Nagle

    Seeking representation for book on how white people benefit from dismantling white supremacy. Catalyzing at

  • Lynn Burnett

    Lynn Burnett

    Antiracist educator. Creator of racial justice resources at Supported by the grassroots at

  • Charles Bastille

    Charles Bastille

    Hyperbole enthusiast and author of MagicLand, available at your favorite bookseller: All stories © 2022 by Charles Bastille.

  • Rod T. Faulkner

    Rod T. Faulkner

    Proud Blerd. I write about sci-fi, fantasy, and other areas of interest. Founder of & EYE ON SCI-FI podcast. Chocolate lover.

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